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  Client Report Generator  
  Client Report Generator System    - Now an exclusive system that allows you to exam your data real-time on "your" organization's PC. Several modules, the main one has a multitude of Reports (20+), with a number of variations, along with a detailed filter process that allows you to drill into your data to retrieve whatever you want. You can even plot your information on a Map to visually see your results. There is a module to quickly Search & Find specific individuals or streets & cities. There is an option to handle Additions, Deletions or Changes to your master file. Your options are endless. The selections are very easy or you can use your own talents to vary the data to research whatever you need at your leisure. All the information you want for company reporting and reviewing your neighborhood donor activity.

This fantastic on-line reporting system was introduced to our client base in late 2009 and it continues to receive rave reviews. Data is quickly displayed or available for printing. The main Reporting module, has reports with options that show the data in numerous formats or if you want, there are filters that allow you to drill down into the data and produce reports for your specific needs. Your data can then also be plotted on a map. In addition to this main Reports module, there are 3 other modules that allow you to do fast Search & Finds, one where you can request Changes to your files and another that allows you to send Donor Receipts info on-line to OCS. A 5th module, Graphs & Charts is coming soon.

In the main module there are currently 20 unique reports. In addition the filter system permits you to be very selective. The screen shown here lists the reports and some Option Boxes on the side. In the Campaign Code option box for example you could click on Ambulance or Fire for your Ambulance/Fire related campaigns or Holiday for those Holiday service oriented mailing. (This Campaign box also has the codes for Building, Equipment, Pledges, Business, etc. drives.) In the Solicitation Codes box (i.e. each and every mailing performed is coded) this allows you to pick a "specific" mailing that you performed or a combination of same. If you want a report of a particular Market Type (i.e. each of your records are codes as a Single residence, Apartment, Business, Elderly, Out-of-Towner, Renter, etc) you can select that Type in the Market Type box. The bottom two "Range" boxes (i.e. Yr & Zips) are there for narrowing your particular searches even more. Once these specific report parameters are selected, there are even more options available later from which you can choose.

Basic Information Available with the system…
  Specific detail of all Revenue received, Expenses & calculated Ratios by year and per specific mailings.
  Detailed listing of all Donors and Non-Donors, along with number of Gifts or Pledges, if applicable.
  Knowledge of which dollar ranges generate the bulk of your income as totals and by zip, city, street, etc.
  Relevant "number" of Donors over a 1, 3 or 5 year period - your key residents/businesses, etc for targeting.
  Frequency of Donor contributions over 3 to 5+ years and by donation levels, important information.
  You can review your area by street as to donor size per address or donation levels per streets compared.
  Awareness of which drives, along with what times of the year, in addition to specific knowledge of what Market types produce the best results and where. Ability to profile "your" information and areas.

Some Overall Benefits…
  Be able to identify which areas or residents need more or less attention. Better cultivation of prospects.
  Analyzing your donor base to discuss with OCS about adjusting copy, etc. to assist in raising donor levels. A primary aspect of any Direct Mail process is getting one to renew their gift and hopefully upgrading periodically.
  Be able to plot drives to identify patterns in responses for timing & types of campaigns. Here we can look at low response areas to discuss how we can improve overall donor acquisition rates - we can target certain areas.
  Coordinate other events (Open Houses, etc) with knowledge of neighborhoods that are more involved.
  Return patterns allow OCS & you to vary planned materials in upcoming mailings or for proposed event(s).
  A better knowledge of where your higher and lower donors are concentrated helps one to better direct or promote your mission to the public in these varied areas. You want to work at retaining existing donors.
  The Data that is now readily available, includes: specific financial data, historical information showing the trends of donors and those non-donors, a listing of all your constituents that can be grouped by street, etc and is constantly updated. All this data can be displayed on graphs or plotted on a map of your area. This information can then be used for in-house meetings, reviewed with government officials, along with neighborhood groups, etc, etc.

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