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  Commercial Printing  
All that Printed Material - OCS can handle it all -
Just think of all the printed materials you encounter every day. Even with all the laptops, tablets & smart phones there is still tons of important printed copy. Copy that are ads, donation requests, informational items - all pertinent & informative items needed for & used by the public. This printed material is extensive, just consider these:

  Brochures & Fliers
  Stationery & Business Cards
  Post Cards & Self Mailers
  Newsletters & Booklets
  Holiday Cards & Invitations
  Menus, Leaflets & Rack Cards
  Signs & Banners
  Magnets with printed ad copy
  Raffle Tickets
  Calendars & Presentation Folders
  All types of Direct Mail pieces
And the list goes on and on …

These printed materials come in all different sizes, thicknesses, colors and all types of creative designs.

Professional Commercial Printing is a quality produced product. Even with the many advances in desk top printers they still can not match the professional appearance of a commercially printed piece. Also the commercially printed piece will definitely have cost advantages over the table top laser or inkjet produced items.

At OCS we have the complete package -
We have the talented personnel and the equipment that can produce whatever you need and quickly! Our slogan is: Quality - Value - Service! That is what you deserve and that is what you get from OCS.
  Sample Commercial Printing
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