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Equipment at OCS   A customer could probably care less about an operation's equipment. Yet, it is a very important factor. The customer's main concern and rightfully so, should be … Am I getting quality service with good turnaround? Am I getting a great looking piece? Am I getting a good price?

At OCS it is our people that make-up the Company. They are the talent and they provide the interface and the ability to get the job done right and on time! But equipment plays a major role because of timing and flexibility. Yes, there can be times that jobs can be out sourced & these other facilities can be quality operations, but with in-house equipment you have more control. You have the flexibility to alter jobs that are in progress much easier & you can easily oversee the progress of a project.

At OCS we can handle everything in-house. Yes, we do have back-up facilities (other locations that have speciality equipment) should we ever have a very high volume in a certain period that requires more resources. But with our staff of professionals and our various equipment we can get you what you need - when you need it.

Our equipment falls basically into three categories. Without noting a lot of specifics, here is a basic list of the larger & more pertinent equipment we maintain:

Printing -
  Four off-set Hamada, 2-color presses.
  Large production Digital press, full-color.
  Scanning and on-line plate making units.
  Three Laser computer printers.
  Three high speed continuous computer data printers

Mailing -
  Two high-end Bell & Howell inserters. One 6 station and one 7-station units.
  Two Inkjet units. One for imprinting addresses on specialty pieces and the other inkjet is a high speed unit with in-line tabbing if needed & live stamp option.
  Banding mail tray unit.

Bindery -
  MBO production folder, (w/perf & scoring) and L turn option unit.
  Challenge Cutter.
  Shrink wrapping unit.
  Burster for separating continuous forms.
  Booklet making Saddle Stitch unit w/digital
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