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  Graphic Design  
A person or a company is influenced by emotion. Obviously facts & reason will come into play in their final decisions. Yet that emotional impact from that initial first impression plays a major role. GRAPHICS are those emotional & creative ties that draw the attention of that first time buyer, that long time client that sees something new, that donor that now can visualize the need that an organization is trying to present.

GRAPHICS is the use of artistic design and pictures, creatively organized to present a story. It is the use of color to help emphasize that story. The graphics provides the "image" a company is looking for in a logo, an ad, informative instructions, reports, etc. It is the attention getter. The phrase, a picture is worth a 1,000 words is a fact - graphics is a factor you can not do without!

At OCS Graphics is involved in almost everything we do. Design development is incorporated and carefully considered in our Commercial Printing projects, Business Forms, and all of our Fundraising campaigns. We have a dedicated & separate Graphics department that is attentive to the specific needs of each client.

We also ensure the COPY that accompanies the project, properly matches the theme of the graphics and vise-a-verse. Many times OCS will handle the copy for the client. We have talented and experienced writers that know what to say and how to say it. One can not separate the graphics from the copy - at OCS we make sure these factors work hand and hand.

So if you need to develop a theme with pictures and art for a major fundraising campaign, a new product introduction, the need to inform your market or customer base about an event or a sale, or a brochure to explain your organization and its mission. --- we can handle it. We are the company that can provide the insight, idea development and creativity that is so necessary in your fundraising or commercial marketing needs.
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