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  Emergency Services Fundraising  
For more than three decades we have been the leader in Direct Mail Fund Raising for Fire, Rescue and EMS Organizations.

As a leader in the Emergency Service field we take our position very seriously. We take great pride in our accomplishments and our ability to provide our clients with the best and largest variety of fundraising ideas. We remain on the leading edge of what techniques and approaches can be offered to help our hundreds of clients receive the greatest return in revenues possible!

Even though we provide many types of direct mail fundraising programs, numerous solicitation packet designs, & full address list development - that is all customized to your company's individual needs - our costs are tailored to your budget parameters.

At OCS we do EVERTHING for you! However, the donations come right to your company; we do not touch your money. You receive a personalized service from a staff of friendly professionals that are ready to handle your every need.

In addition to the various services already listed on the ORGANIZATIONAL FUND RAISING page there are a few more items that are pertinent:

1. Varied Campaigns - The theme & how it is presented is significant. At OCS we concentrate on the type drive to be performed and insure the theme is consistent and clear. Some obvious campaign types include the annual Operating Budget Fund Drive for the Fire, Rescue or EMS oriented companies. Other types of drives include Ambulance Subscription mailings, Building or Facilities Improvement Campaigns, Apparatus Initiatives, Recruitment, Special Memorials and various others.

2. Address List Maintenance - Our skilled staff develops and maintains your address list. We perform annual maintenance before each mailing, checking for duplicates and running your list through postal software to standardize your addresses to postal regulations and verify deliverable. Any undeliverable addresses are attended to with hands-on research and then the information is communicated back to you for your review. By standardizing the addresses and validating the deliverability, we can get you the best postage rates and save you valuable dollars.

3. Record Keeping and Reports - Donation returns are posted to your database after each mailing. Any notes corrections are automatically made for you. Each solicitation is coded, this allows OCS to consider doing special targeted type mailings for future campaigns. The client has access to a variety of reports: full master lists, ROI's, donor only lists, and many, many more.
  This personal analysis can also be at your fingertips. You can have available on your organization's PC the OCS Client Report Generator System software (i.e. our CRG). This amazing software allows "you" to run and research your data real-time. You can manipulate the data, run reports along with graphing or plotting your information on a computer generated map of your area.

4. Solicitation Targeting - We are able to vary your solicitation packet content based on particular Market Segmentation breakdowns. For example, proven donors can be handled differently then non-contributors. Also provide different copy and design for market types, i.e. Businesses, single Residents, Apartments, etc. All this helps with overall dollar returns and can save you on the packet cost, along with postage savings. Ask us for more details about TARGETING to specific market segments.

5. Follow-up Mailings - Reminders to non-donors, and emphasis to low response areas or particular market segments, such as apartments, businesses and in certain areas, marinas and retirement communities can be targeted. The follow-up is an important aspect of the campaign, but it needs proper timing, good packet design and an on-going plan.

6. Thank Yous - It should always be a pertinent part of any major campaign. It provides the recognition of your appreciation, it helps with further relationship building … it is part of the process and OCS can handle it all for you. It can be a letter or a post card format.

7. Specialty Events - We provide and encourage mailings for events sponsored by the company. Related fund drive efforts supported by OCS include mailings for Carnivals, Bingo, an Open House, Raffle Tickets for contests, Christmas and other Holiday oriented mailings.

8. Advertising - We assist you with Public Relations support. OCS helps with news releases, community activity programs and personnel recruitment.

9. Pledging - Having donors sign up to pledge consistent amounts on a regular basis can be very rewarding. OCS has available an automated procedure for handling a Pledge System. The system can revolve around a regular mail-out reminder format or can be associated with an automatic credit card draw process. This format is mainly used for major requests associated with Capital type needs, such as a Building Drive.

10. Consistency - We are your one-stop-shop. We are the professionals, we are the CONSULTANTS, but we do one other important thing… we listen. We want to hear your needs and concerns. We are in business to keep you in business! As your personnel change, our experienced staff remains to help your new officers maintain and improve your fundraising efforts.
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